Civil Engineering Works:
  • Study, analysis and pricing approved plans.
  • Soil surveying.
  • Consolidation and suction of groundwater and infrastructure.
  • Implementation of a black structure without materials
  • Implementation of a black structure with materials ( concrete approved , white block ASICO or the Union, the first degree black steam, Kuwaiti iron)
  • Regular and reinforced concrete works.
  • Building works.
  • Finishing works for all types( finishing on the key without materials / finishing the key with materials)
Mechanical works :
  • Air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Sanitary drainage works.
  • Firefighting and alarm work.
  • The work of elevators.
Electricity works :
  • Executes the plans required for electrical installations.
  • Conductions, installation, inspection and operation.
Projects Management :
  • Calculate the cost of the project.
  • Fixed the time schedule for implementation of all project stages.
  • Evaluate the execution process.
  • Contract’s management through the duration of the project.
Interior Design & Decoration :
  • Villas, Offices, Clinics…
  • Design and implementation of exterior facades.
Restoration and repair work :
  • Adding new floors.
  • Expansion of the current building.
  • Renovation works for walls and dyes.
  • Renovation of the exterior facades.
  • Restoration of the interior décor.
  • Renovation of flooring maintenance.
  • Renewal of moisture and heat insulators.
Painting works of all types
Swimming pool workers
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