Welcome to Al-Amri Gold Company General Contracting and Buildings, I am Abdullah Mohamed al-Ajmi, the General manager of company, and It gives me great pleasure and pride to present to you some of the main achievements.

we have made with regards to the launch of new projects, including the establishment of schemes and the extraction of licenses and the work of the structure of black materials and without materials and works of healthy and electricity and finishing works and delivery of the key at the hands of qualified contractors, engineers and technicians with experience

Al-Amri Gold Company is working on a solid plan in the way of success and honesty in business, honesty, achievements and existing projects in several areas, the most important of which is our project in the city of Sabah Al-Ahmad residential and Expansion of Wafra and Wafra al  Qaem and Saad al Abdullah and other projects…

In conclusion, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all the customers for your trust in our catalyst for growth and success, and my thanks to all the employees for their efforts in developing the company.

May Peace, Mercy and the Blessings of Allah be upon you all!

Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ajmi

President of the company

Al Amri Gold Company General Contracting and Buildings